Terms and Conditions

This document is published in accordance with the provision of Rule 3(1) of information technology(Intermediaries guidelines) that require publishing the rules and regulations,terms governing the use and access of www.discountswale.com website.

Discountswale.com i.e this website owned and operated by Discountswale Enterprises, having its registered office at 16-3-988/4/1,New Malakpet,Hyderabad,-500024,Telangana.Hereinafter referred to as discountswale.Hereinafter ‘you’ or ‘your’ in this statement refers to you as a user of this site and ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ shall refer to discountswale enterprises as an organization.

Your access to or use of this website discountswale.com signifies your acceptance to the terms and conditions of discountswale.

Whenever you use any of the services provided by discountswale you will be subjected to our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to change the terms and the contents of the website without prior notice, so you are responsible for keeping yourself updated with the terms of this website.

Every attempt has been made to maintain the authenticity of this website’s content.However, Discountswale is not liable for any kind of damages, action or losses arising due to use of any content on this website.

The Discountswale company name, website domain name , logos are the property of Discountswale enterprises and you are prohibited to use it for any kind of commercial purposes.


Registration with our website enables you as a customer with the facility to receive various notification and updates of the various discounts regularly.

Registering with us requires no fee and is different from the membership service we provide.It only provides you with notification from time to time regarding the discounts and gives the access to rate your shopping experience. However it is not applicable for the membership discounts,which are applicable only to the members who purchase Discountswale membership card.

 Use of this website is available only to persons  who can form legally binding contracts i.e. it is not available to minors.Discountswale reserves the right to cancel the registration or refuse to provide you with access to the website if it is brought to our notice that you are under the age of 18 years.


The company /shop/organisations who  advertise through us are deemed to agree the terms and conditions once they advertise through our website.

The pictures,content of the shops/organizations are publishe on this website  with prior permission of their owners/management. The pictures of the shops and organisation taken by us become the property of discountswale and no person or organisation is allowed  to use it for any purpose.

The company/shops/organizations who advertise their organizations/shops through us are required to give  some specific discounts to our members i.e the the persons  who produce the membership card at the time of purchase at the shop or organization.  However those shops /organizations who advertise their seasonal offers/discounts may not give the membership discounts on that seasonal offers/discounts as those would be for everyone regardless of his being a member or not.


Becoming a member is different  from registering with us.

You become a member only after  you purchase the membership card of Discountswale.

Once you get the discountswale membership card you are entitled to some membership discount at the shops/organizations which advertise their shops/oranisations through discountswale.Advertising the shop does not include the advertisement of seasonal offers. The seasonal offers advertised through us are for everyone regardless of his/her being a member or not.

However, if in any case the shop/organisation deny to give membership discount due to some reason, Discountswale is not responsible for it.

The membership card has a certain period of validity and is not for lifetime.

Discountswale reserves the right to change the membership card fees from time to time.



You shall not remove when copyright, trademark or other images, content of the website that effect the propriety rights .

You shall not modify the content of the website for other use.

You shall not collect the information i.e the listings for commercial purposes.



Fees collected for membership and for advertising is non refundable .

If you engage in any commercial transaction with the third parties , discountswale is not responsible under any circumstances to any act of it.


The links of other websites on Discountswale.com are not under control of Discountswale and we are not responsible for the  content of it.


Use of Disountswale is also governed by our privacy policy.