1)How can I get Discountswale membership card?

For getting a Discountswale membership card you have to submit the membership form present on this website.After you submit the ,we will confirm your submission through phone call .You will receive the card  at the address provided by you within few days after the confirmation,upon which u have to make the payment for the card i.e the card charges.


2)How can I avail discounts through Discountswale membership card?

You can avail discounts by showing the Discountswale membership card on the shops/organistions who advertise their shops/organisation through discountswale.com i.e who come under the  column of shops/organizations  on this website.


3)Can my family members or friends use my membership card?

--Your personal membership card is not applicable to anyone but you, it is not transferable.


4)How can I pay the fee for the Discountswale membership card?

The payment for membership card is through cash on delivery system i.e you have to pay the fees when you receive the  membership card.


5)Is the membership card applicable  for the seasonal offers present on the website?

No. The membership card is not applicable for the seasonal offers for discounts on seasonal offers/discounts. The seasonal offers would be for everyone regardless of his/her being a member of dicountswale or not.